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Скачать как сменить язык прошивки fritz box 7390 - обои 3d для нокиа 5230

The wireless connection (WiFi) between one or more wireless devices (for example a notebook, smartphone, tablet) and the FRITZ!Box drops frequently. The recovery tool can be used to restore your FRITZ!Box to working order. Executing the recovery tool deletes all of the settings. During this procedure, the. With the "Online Update" function you can install the latest FRITZ!OS for Box model, then to the subfolder "firmware", and then to the folder named "english. Box quickly and easily.If you cannot use the "online update" function, for example when the FRITZ!Box is not connected to the Internet, update the firmware.

It makes sense to load the factory settings if you are going to use the FRITZ!Box at a different location or are planning to pass the FRITZ!Box on to another user.

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